Inferrix is UK based Enterprise IoT / M2M product company that is constantly at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing its products to the next level – with a view to improving operational efficiency, reducing risks & reducing the total cost of operations. We are particularly proud to embed machine learning / artificial intelligence into our products, truly helping to ‘Smartify your Business’.

The Inferrix solutions straddle a wide spectrum of horizontal and business verticals – right from Datacenters to Buildings to Supermarkets to Factories.

We, along with our partners, take complete responsibility to deliver end-to-end EIoT transformations.

Inferrix products have been architected around the reality that any Enterprise / in any Vertical, will not only need to manage new devices that are designed for IoT compatibility but also a large number of legacy equipments (not IoT enabled) that are already in place and are not end of life. The useful life of these equipments could be anywhere from one year to 25+ years depending on the specific business application and depending on the country in question.

At Inferrix we have architected a range of products that are flexible, have vertical specific intuitive visualization and are cost & performance optimized for each vertical / business segment / use case. We have especially considered the diversity of things to be controlled in Enterprise IoT, along with the breadth of application use cases, the number of things in the micro network, different levels of service, different types of communication protocols and the wide variety of heterogeneous environments.

At Inferrix we understand that a number of Enterprise IoT applications, due to the nature of the industry, will be required to operate on the local LAN or a closed loop WAN, in-premise deployment. We have architected the Inferrix platform to work both on a private & public cloud thereby offering our customers complete flexibility.

We have a strong ability to execute, which is critical to success of projects in this space.


We work through an extensive network of partners and are continually expanding our partner ecosystem. We would love to hear from you, especially if you are considering taking the next generation of cutting edge EIoT value adds to your customers.

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