Inferrix Featured in Startups Magazine, UK

Inferrix is proud be featured in the Startups Magazine. We are present in 11+ countries globally, working with some of the best SI’s in each country and will marquee clients in each country.

We look forward staying ahead of the curve, continually evolving with the changing requirements around us, especially those driven by the COVID Pandemic.

COVID Secure Washrooms: Re-Opening Facilities



 The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact globally, each and everyone of us has been effected in one form or the other. Governments around the world are having to balance the health & safety of their citizens, with their economic wellbeing. This has led to an easing of personal restrictions and a phased return of economic activity across the board.

‘Hygiene & Social Distancing’ are the cornerstones of the entire effort to encourage people back to work. The is evidenced by the importance of enhanced hand hygiene in preventing the virus’ spread and social distancing in everyday life.

It is imperative for building and facility managers to provide a safe environment and enable employees, visitors and the public to follow social distancing guidelines inside facilities. There is a particular emphasis on confined spaces like washrooms.

The Inferrix solution provides a very simple, reliable and cost-effective way to inform people if it is safe to enter a washroom. A RED Light at the Washroom Door signals, when it is appropriate to use a Washroom.

This solution can seamlessly be extended to monitor any other aspects of the Washroom, to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and to ensure that overall cost of maintenance is reduced in line with expected fall in traffic.

This can of course also be used for other confined, communal spaces like kitchens or meeting rooms.

With the Inferrix monitoring solution people will always know if it is safe to enter a room.


Inferrix: Winner of Arrow Future Labs Challenge

Delighted to win the Digital Catapult – Future Network Lab Challenge in collaboration with Siemens and Arrow Electronics. 

Thank you Arrow Electronics, looking forward to an exciting journey ahead.

The Future Networks Lab Challenge invited #IoT and data security startups to respond and pitch to two challenges from leading manufacturing partners Siemens and Arrow.

Siemens’ challenge focused on: using technology to fingerprint the overall end-to-end #data journey and to guarantee data provenance through tracking access control, auditing or assessing data integrity. Arrow’s challenge focused on developing secure connected IoT sensors for smarter factories to offer a wider view of activities & potential failures in the #manufacturing process.


Macro-economic factors, some of which include slow GDP growth, increase in cost of labour, COVID constraints, currency volatility, increase in the cost of power/utilities (some countries have seen subsidy being removed, effecting their bills by 25-30%), to bring out a few.

It is imperative for retailers to actively look for sustainable and scalable solutions that can ensure that the operational cost can be brought down without effecting staff & customer safety, the compliance requirements, customer experience & comfort / environmental condition of the store.

  • Refrigeration, Heating/Cooling & Lighting – Contribute to 60-75% of the total Energy Spend of a Store
  • Proactive Usage Monitoring & Streamlined Maintenance of Refrigeration, Heating/Cooling can cut associated energy costs by 15-25%
  • Freezer Failures costs on an average GBP 2000 per failure instance
  • Social Distancing in Confined Spaces & COVID Secure Washrooms

The Inferrix Advantage

  • COVID Secure Washrooms & Confined Spaces
  • Energy Monitoring – Energy spend of all key consuming equipments
  • Food Quality & Compliance – Chiller & Freezer comply with temperature norms.
  • Proactive Malfunction Notification – Failure & Performance alerts to eliminate spolage & wastage and timely servicing to ensure lower energy usage
  • Asset Tracking
  • Run Hours based Maintenance – Reduce breakdowns
  • Time of day / Usage based controls to optimise energy usage
  • Automate Compliance & Reporting
  • Multi-Site Centralized Control of all Assets. REDUCE RISK

Cold Store Monitoring

Inferrix – Supporting Cold Storage businesses to achieve more with less !

COVID Secure Washrooms, Social Distancing, Energy Management 

  1. Overcooling = Energy Wastage: Extraneous factors (such as door openings / inappropriate circulation) may result in one side of the warehouse being warmer than the other. In response, typically the operators  increase the cooling across all parts of the warehouse, causing significant wastage. 1 degree overcooling = 3 % increase in energy consumption.
  2. Compliance: Micromanagement of the temperature zones ensures that each type of food product is maintained at their prescribed temperature.
  3. Equipment Failure / Power Overdraw: Equipment Failure and Power Overdraw are not known in real-time.
  4. Equipment Condition / Prevent Failure: Proactive monitoring of refrigeration compressors.
  5. COVID Secure – Social Distancing, Safe Washrooms.

Inferrix offers a 360-degree solution to ensure COVID Security, Energy Savings, Food Quality Compliance and Spoilage Prevention for your cold storages / warehouses:

Inferrix, a UK based IoT product company, works with enterprises across verticals to “Jumpstart their COVID Secure, Preventative Maintenance & Remote Monitoring IoT Use Cases” with its’ Open, Pre-Built & All-Inclusive Stack that is Out-of-Box Retrofittable – Sensors – Mesh Network – Gateway – Device Management.

Inferrix’ innovative range of sensors are – STICK. CLAMP. START – self powered and self-communicating. The deployment can be done in hours and does not need any IP for the sensors or power – very quick, risk free deployment.