Wireless Modbus Controller

Wireless (Cable Free) Machine Control

Inferrix ‘Wireless Controllers’, enable bi-directional communication with machines that have either MODBUS or DI/DO or AI/AO ports, with Bacnet in the offing. The Inferrix controllers eliminate the need for cumbersome and expensive cabling, simplifying deployment in brownfield/retrofit environments as well as significantly reducing the time to deployment.




The Controller is used to connect to one or more devices to transmit the Modbus / Digital Signal or Analog Signal data over a wireless medium. Enables seamless connectivity over wireless mesh and eliminates cabling, very valuable in legacy environments. Inferrix controllers send & receive modbus data from the inferrix data, establishing bi-directional flow that enables control instructions to be sent to the controller. Inferrix controllers support ota and all data transfer over wireless mesh is encrypted.

Input voltage range at main power input 6 VDC to 18 VDC, max 500mA 1A resettable fuse on this input
Max allowable ripple: 300mV Vpp
Aux power input provides output voltage of 5V (max 200mA)
Input voltage when powering from aux power input 5 VDC, max 500mA
Max allowable ripple: 80mV Vpp
No fuse on this power input
MODBUS levels 5V logic level
Bus isolation and protection 10kV ESD protection on Modbus lines
Operating temperature range -40C to 85C
Programming voltage and connector Programming connector can power board while programming
5V supply needed on the programming connector
Wireless and Radio Supports both 2.4 Ghz and 868 Mhz Frequency
Maximum of 50m to 150m of Transmission Distance
Supports OTA and AES encryption for data transmission