The Inferrix Product has three primary components:

  • The Inferrix Sensors
  • The Inferrix Gateway
  • The Inferrix Platform

Inferrix Sensors

The infix sensors are an infrastructure free, self–configuring, energy efficient products to monitor environmental condition & equipment status across multiple business applications.

The sensor deployment is very quick, as it needs no external power and no messy cables or Wi-Fi network.

The sensors create their own mesh network, all you need to do is to turn the sensors on and the mesh network is ready to go. Sensors can be added or taken away, and the network re-configures without any break in coverage or service. Each sensor in the mesh network relays information and acts as a router, this ensures the information reaches the final destination.

The sensors have compact design and have two size/battery variants – coin cells and AA batteries – up to 5 years battery life. There is an in-built battery status alert; this ensures that batteries are replaced proactively, when the battery needs replacement.

The sensor network can be scaled without any limitations to numbers, coverage or density. The sensors provide very high reliability & availability and work in low power & low latency modes.

The key differentiators and operating principles of infix sensors:

  • All sensors route
  • The sensors operate in a de-centralized manner
  • Multi-gateway support
  • Efficient collision-free spectrum usage
  • Multi-channel operation

Inferrix Gateway

Intelligent gateways with embedded controls are essential to bridging the connectivity gaps that are crucial to implementing a full-fledged Enterprise IoT solution. The Inferrix ‘RTU/Gateways’ can connect with a wide spectrum of devices, they consolidate data from disparate sources through an array of interfaces – analog end points to complex industrial / IEC protocols – and act as a bridge to the EIoT cloud. The ‘inFIX RTU’s’ are designed to evaluate, co-relate and manage the end point equipments (based on preset thresholds).

Intelligence at the EDGE, within the inFIX Gateway, ensures significant reduced investments in the ‘Private or Public Cloud Systems’ and also reduces dependency on the ‘Private or Public Cloud’. This is particularly advantageous when Internet access is lost or temporarily interrupted – ensures robust local connectivity in the absence of the ‘’Cloud’, thus increasing the reliability of the local network to maintain its intended functions. In addition this ensures that the network is never overloaded as a significant amount of processing is done at the edge.

We have ensured that our products can address the wide variety of potential Enterprise IoT applications. The InFix Gateway is robust and rugged edge devices that can command, control, route processing and encrypt information as it moves to the private or public cloud

Intelligence at the EDGE accelerates implementation. The inFIX Gateway (with intelligence at the edge) addresses interoperability issues on a local level and ensures connectivity with a wide spectrum of end point equipments. Even when end point equipments are not feature rich or have limited inherent capability, the infix Gateway can provide the base intelligence for all end point equipments.

The inFIX Gateway eliminates the need for a dedicated onsite management or control end point – it provides a web-based user interface to allow users to easily access additional built-in applications. The inFIX Gateway serves as a real time, flexible and dynamically programmable onsite control point. This in turn lowers the cost of installation of new systems as well as enables introduction of new technology and devices with a significantly lower cost of entry.

Inferrix Platform

Inferrix understand that a number of Enterprise IoT applications, due to the nature of the industry, will be required to operate on the local LAN or a closed loop WAN, in-premise deployment. We have architected our InFix platform to work both on a private & public cloud thereby offering our customers complete flexibility.

The Inferrix approach is to provide an ‘Integrated Single Console’ to ‘Monitor & Control’ all the disparate asset classes in your environment. The inFIX platform has been designed to co-relate across asset classes and take automated decisions as per thresholds relevant to the situation.

The inFIX platform provides a complete 360 view of the ‘Enterprise Environment’ under management. This ensures that users can intuitively locate the exact physical location of the problem and drill down to the device level to identify the root cause of any issue. For a distributed environment under management the users will have a local view of all assets at each site as well as a centralized view of all assets across multiple locations.


We work through an extensive network of partners and are continually expanding our partner ecosystem. We would love to hear from you, especially if you are considering taking the next generation of cutting edge EIoT value adds to your customers.

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