COVID Secure Washrooms: Re-Opening Facilities

COVID Secure Washrooms: Re-Opening Facilities

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact globally, each and everyone of us has been effected in one form or the other. Governments around the world are having to balance the health & safety of their citizens, with their economic wellbeing. This has led to an easing of personal restrictions and a phased return of economic activity across the board.

‘Hygiene & Social Distancing’ are the cornerstones of the entire effort to encourage people back to work. The is evidenced by the importance of enhanced hand hygiene in preventing the virus’ spread and social distancing in everyday life.

It is imperative for building and facility managers to provide a safe environment and enable employees, visitors and the public to follow social distancing guidelines inside facilities. There is a particular emphasis on confined spaces like washrooms.

The Inferrix solution provides a very simple, reliable and cost-effective way to inform people if it is safe to enter a washroom. A RED Light at the Washroom Door signals, when it is appropriate to use a Washroom.

This solution can seamlessly be extended to monitor any other aspects of the Washroom, to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and to ensure that overall cost of maintenance is reduced in line with expected fall in traffic.

This can of course also be used for other confined, communal spaces like kitchens or meeting rooms.

With the Inferrix monitoring solution people will always know if it is safe to enter a room.


Smart Energy Efficient Banks

Smart Energy Efficient Banks

Smart Energy Efficient Banks

Inferrix, with its next generation self-communicating & self-powered sensors and full product spectrum, is specifically focused on reducing ‘Operations Costs – Energy Costs’ and increasing ‘Operations Efficiency’.

We have additionally launched a range of COVID Secure solutions for buildings & banks.

  1. Branch & Office Energy Usage Optimisation:The Inferrix proposition would eliminate energy wastage and leakage at offices, including the branch network. A 500 – 1000 $ per month savings across your 150 branches translates to 150*12*500/1000=90,000.00 – 180,000.00 US $ annual savings. Usage based energy optimisation can deliver 10-25% savings across the infrastructure.
  2. Compliance:Inferrix can automate parts or all of the infrastructure related compliance requirement at the branch network, for instance availability of the branch signage or number of time strong room was opened etc.
  3. Data Centre, Branch Network Room & ATM:Inferrix can monitor all the Server Room & ATM infrastructure, to ensure high business uptime and thereby high employee & staff satisfaction. This includes everything from Electrical Distribution Boards to UPS to Servers.We can provide a hosted or an in-premise model. In the Middle East Region, we have recently implemented our products at a bank. The communication between all our equipment’s is secure and encrypted.
Inferrix Wireless Mesh Sensors

Inferrix Wireless Mesh Sensors

Inferrix Wireless Mesh Sensors

Inferrix Sensors are based on a de-centralised wireless communication protocol. With the unique de-centralised operation, the devices contain all the intelligence. The devices themselves make all decisions locally and co-operatively. This enables the most reliable, optimised, scalable and simple to use connectivity for devices.

 Inferrix Sensors enable large scale deployment:

  1. Unlimited scale, coverage, and density:Unlimited scale in number of devices and coverage as all devices are able to route data and decisions are made locally. The networks can cover large geographical areas and provide connectivity in hard to reach places such as deep indoors and basements. Ultra-high device densities as well as sparse installations are enabled by WPC.
  2. High reliability and availability:There are multitude of self-healing and interference avoidance methods built into WPC. These enable high reliability and availability. The devices are connected and available 24/7. All this is independent of the environment dynamics and interferences.
  3. Low power and low latency:With the highly energy-efficient operation, all devices (including devices routing data) in the network can be battery-operated with multi-year lifetime. Low latency multi-hop message transfer is supported for applications requiring delays in the order of tens to hundreds of ms.
  4. Lowest total cost of ownership:Minimises both capital costs (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX). No extra infrastructure is needed as the devices themselves form the network, the fully automatic operation enables easy and quick installation, and the firmware runs on low cost radio hardware.
  5. Openness and flexibility:Easy-to-use open API for applications to use the network services, and the network can be integrated to any system and used in any application. IPv6 is supported for scenarios that require native IPv6 addressing to every single device. All the protocol intelligence is implemented in the WPC firmware and de-coupled from the physical layer. Thus, the firmware can run on any radio hardware and frequency band.
  6. Future proof:Developed to meet the evolving demands of IoT applications. Thus, the protocol adapts to the application, not vice versa. Efficient Over the Air Programming (OTAP) support enables remote updates for already installed devices. Both the protocol firmware and application can be remotely updated. This way, the lifetime of the installed hardware can be maximised.