Cold Store Monitoring

Inferrix – Supporting Cold Storage businesses to achieve more with less !

COVID Secure Washrooms, Social Distancing, Energy Management 

  1. Overcooling = Energy Wastage: Extraneous factors (such as door openings / inappropriate circulation) may result in one side of the warehouse being warmer than the other. In response, typically the operators  increase the cooling across all parts of the warehouse, causing significant wastage. 1 degree overcooling = 3 % increase in energy consumption.
  2. Compliance: Micromanagement of the temperature zones ensures that each type of food product is maintained at their prescribed temperature.
  3. Equipment Failure / Power Overdraw: Equipment Failure and Power Overdraw are not known in real-time.
  4. Equipment Condition / Prevent Failure: Proactive monitoring of refrigeration compressors.
  5. COVID Secure – Social Distancing, Safe Washrooms.

Inferrix offers a 360-degree solution to ensure COVID Security, Energy Savings, Food Quality Compliance and Spoilage Prevention for your cold storages / warehouses:

Inferrix, a UK based IoT product company, works with enterprises across verticals to “Jumpstart their COVID Secure, Preventative Maintenance & Remote Monitoring IoT Use Cases” with its’ Open, Pre-Built & All-Inclusive Stack that is Out-of-Box Retrofittable – Sensors – Mesh Network – Gateway – Device Management.

Inferrix’ innovative range of sensors are – STICK. CLAMP. START – self powered and self-communicating. The deployment can be done in hours and does not need any IP for the sensors or power – very quick, risk free deployment.


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