Inferrix Smart Lighting enabling Smart Buildings

Lighting is ubiquitous, but massively underutilized. Inferrix is building the next generation of intelligence in lighting – mesh connected lighting that enable rollout of any IoT Service. We imagine a world where the smart Luminaries will have built in intelligence to ‘Monitor and Manage any Environment or Machine’.

Inferrix enables a range of smart lighting-based use cases with both Internal & Outdoor Lighting: Asset Tracking, Energy Monitoring, Machine Control, Space Usage, Environment/User Comfort, Security, Water Leak Detection, Water Usage Monitoring, Bin Monitoring…to name a few.

Inferrix connected lighting eliminates energy leakage and reduces maintenance, energy & commissioning costs by up to 20%. Built for ‘Unlimited Scale, Low Latency data transfer, High availability & reliability’ with Wirepas Massive – Real IoT.

Inferrix Smart Lighting Stack significantly reduces installation & operations costs and includes:

  1. Smart Controllers (Multiple Versions) – Wirepas Mesh
  2. Gateways (Modbus/BACnet) – Wi-Fi / 4G / 5G
  3. Platform – Optional
  4. Autonomous Android App
  5. Integration with Enocean Switches/PIR & LUX Sensors
  6. 21 Sensors + Tags + Wristbands – Delivering a range of Facilities Use Cases
  7. We can set up an end-to-end digital ceiling and launch a host of services based on the lighting network

The Inferrix pre-integrated stack eliminates risk & complexity associated with IoT based digital transformation.

Wirepas Mesh is robust, reliable, scalable and proven through several large-scale deployments of over 1m devices in the mesh network.


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