Smart Lighting

The future of smart-sustanable building.
Redefining building automation

Shorten time to market

Lower energy costs by up to 50%

Ready network for your smart building & automation needs


Reduce cabling by up to 40%


Mesh connected – Extremely Scalable. Grouping & Configuring in Minutes.

Installation Costs reduced by up to 50%.

Auto-Discovery module discovers all lights.

Installation team can pre-populate templates before they go onsite. Simply assign these templates to each discovered light and you are ready to go.

With just a few clicks you can configure, re-arrange, group as per regulations & requirements.

Optimize Energy Consumption:

Meet ESG Goals, Lower Energy Costs by up to 50% over and above the savings through LED transition.

Lighting Control – Autonomous & Cloud

Robust lighting control based on the most scalable mesh network in the world – Wirepas.

Simple to deploy.

Autonomous Intelligence at the Edge – No Gateway / No Cloud Option.

Built in BACnet & Modbus Integration.

Smart Building – Data Driven Intelligence

The ubiquitous lighting network creates a digital ceiling for all your ‘Smart Building Needs’:

Essential Building Data to Innovative IoT services – all under one roof.

Some Sample Use Cases:

Tracking, Energy Metering & Monitoring, HVAC Controls, Air Quality, Noise, Desk Utilisation, Water Flow Monitoring , Smart Washroom , Productivity


OEM Lighting & Driver Manufacturers
Building & Lighting
Smart Lighting System Integrators

Inferrix Products:

Indoor , Outdoor , High Bay , Facade , Parking

Endless Possibilites


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Warehouse : Safety, Productivity & Efficiency

Hospital : Maximize Care . Keeping Staff & Patients Safe .

Shopping Mall : Intelligent Lighting Based Services

Need Sensors or Gateway or the entire solution:
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