Unlimited and
Unparalleled Use Cases:

We at Inferrix are committed to making your spaces, buildings & facilities environmental friendly not only to ensure a better planet but also to make the building occupants happier & healthier.

We work with the most scalable, reliable and secure wireless mesh in the world and do not need any client network for our sensors & controllers – STICK & CLAMP Sensors. We provide a cost efficient and future-proof solution with very quick ROI.






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Sample Use Cases

Energy Optimisation

Monitor & Control to reduce energy usage by up to 25%

Sustainability & ESG

Achieve & Comply with ESG Goals.

Smart Lighting

Smart Indoor & Outdoor Lighting to ensure optimum
lighting levels, optimise energy & maintenance
costs, establish Digital Ceiling

Smart Washroom

Improve Hygiene and User Experience. Reduce
FM Costs. People Count, Air Quality, Bin & Dispenser
Levels, Cubicle Usage, Water Leakage.

Workspace Optimisation

Space management & Real Estate Optimisation.
Under Desk Sensors & Room Usage.

Air Quality Monitoring

Fresh Air, Staff Productivity & Well Being.

Smart Infrastructure Management

Monitor any Machine on Modbus or BACnet,
High Business Uptime, Proactive & Predictive
Failure Analysis.

Datacentre Management

Green DC, Real Time, Centralised,
Proactive Planning. HVAC, AC-DC Power, FAS,
VESDA, Water Leak, Access Control & LIGHTING MANAGEMENT.

Indoor Tracking

Asset / Vehicle / Pallet / People tracking
in the built environment. Safety and
Productivity Improvement.

Water Flow Monitoring

Water Usage Optimisation and Usage Planning.
Identify leakages, taps left open / flush faulty.


Noise Levels, Hygiene, LUX Levels,
ESG, User Comfort

Remote Site Monitoring

Monitor & Control DG, Doors, Access,
Cameras, UPS, AC, Environment, Leaks.

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